GCSE Health and Social Care A913

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  • Human Growth and Development
    • Infancy 0-3
      • Physical Development
        • 3 to 4 months- infants start on solid foods, develop better head control, can rool from side to side, reach for objects.
        • 6 to 9 months- teething begins, learns to sit unaided, lift their heads and look around, use thumb and index finger to grasp objects.
        • 9 - 12 months- can crawl, chews food, use their he
        • 12 to 18 months- toddlers learn to feed themselves, walk unaided, cqan understand simple request and develops better memory and concentration.
    • Childhood 4-10
    • Key Words
      • Development - different to growth and happens when a person gains new skills, abilities and emotions.
      • Growth - refers to an increase in quantity or size.





Thank- you whoever made this. Has give me ideas on how to do revision specific to H&S care. Many thanks.

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