Human Threats to Wildlife

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  • Human Threats to Wildlife
    • Unsustainable Exploitation
      • Food, Fashion, Pets, Poaching, Furniture, Medical Research, Trad Medicines, Cosmetics
      • Poaching
        • Chiru and Tibetan Antelope fur
      • Over Fishing (Baltic Cod)
        • Population has halved since 1980s
        • Fishermen ignore the bans
    • Eradication
      • Habitat destruction
        • Deforestation, Farmland Expansion, Urbanisation, Mineral Extraction, Reservoirs Flooding
      • By-Catch
        • Turtles and dolphins are unintentionally caught in fishing nets
      • Introduction of a New Species
        • Nile Perch wiped out 180 species
      • Deliberate Eradication
        • Wolves
    • Environmental Changes Caused by Human Activities
      • Anthropogenic Climate Change
        • Sea Levels Rise, Melting Cold Habitats
          • Rising Sea Levels removes Coral Reef which is very biodiverse
        • Species can't adapt quick enough and die out


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