Human pollution B3

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  • Human pollution
    • Air
      • C02
      • SO2
      • Smoke
    • Land
      • Herbicdes
      • Pesticides
        • Can be washed into waterways
          • Herbicdes
    • Water
      • Sewage
      • Pesticides
      • Toxic substances
    • Building, quarrying, dumping waste and farming
    • D'forestation for timber and space for agriculture
      • Increased CO2 levels in atmosphere - carbon released which had been 'locked up'
        • Burning
      • Vegetation rots through activities of micro-organisms
      • Reduces rate of C02 removed from the atmosphere and 'locked up'
      • Reduces biodiversity
    • Desstruction pf peat bogs releases C02 into atmosphere - contains partially decayed material
      • Peat-free compost = reduced demand for peat


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