human factors in disaters

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  • Human factors in disasters
    • Rapid growth population
      • Pressure on lands = people living in marginalised areas
      • growing number of elderly people in California + Japan
      • growing population of vulnerable young
    • Deforestation + land degrasation
      • Deforestation = flooding + soil erosion + contributes to climate change
      • Destruction on mangroves = coastal erosion + flooding
      • Farming in marginalised areas = desertification
    • Urbanisation
      • squatter settlements on areas at risk of flooding
    • poverty + politics
      • LEDC have high death toll from earthquakes
        • due to lack of technology
      • Unable to afford to prepare for disasters
      • poorly educated population
      • lack of access to communication
      • difficult to get aid to remote areas with poor infrastructure
      • corrupt governments misuse resources


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