Human Activity

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  • Human Activity
    • Afforestation
      • Plant trees for timber
      • Pine forests - human plantations
      • Prevents climatic climax being reached
        • Only one species is planted and managed so this species dominates
        • Trees may be cleared to make room for the sapling
    • Deforestation
      • Hardy shrubs e.g. heather
      • Wood for timber for fuel or space for farming
      • Prevents climatic climax being reached
        • Reduces soil quality
          • Nutrients removed
          • Few plants can grow in poor soil
    • Animal Grazing
      • Fast growing grasses and plants e.g. Dandelions. Very few trees and shrubs
      • Domesticated animals graze for food
      • Prevents climatic climax being reached
        • Small plants and saplings are eaten or destroyed (trampled) before they can grow
    • Clearance by fire
      • Clear an area for farming, control plants growing or improve the soil in an area
      • Fast-growing plants whose roots aren't damaged by fires e.g. heather
      • Prevents climatic climax being reached
        • Plants are destroyed and the fastest growing plants recolonised


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