The Constitution - How did the US Constitution came to be written?

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  • How did the US Constitution come to be written?
    • War of Independence begins in April 1775.
      • Declaration of Independence (4 July 1776)
        • This was the official document given to the British declaring that the 13 states had become independent nations.
      • Leads to the formation of the Articles of Confederation in March 1781.
        • This created a 'confederacy'  which considered a 'league of friendship' rather than a national government.
          • There was no judiciary or executive, only a small legislation, which was nothing more than a place to talk and therefore very weak!
        • This lead to the Philadelphia Convention which took place from 25 May to 18 September 1787. This was originally done to strengthen the Articles of Confederation, but instead created the US codified constitution.
          • This created a national federal government and the union of the states. The federal government now had the President, two-housed Congress and the Supreme Court as well as checks and balances to prevent one branch becoming too powerful!


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