How did Hitler become Chancellor in January 1933

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  • How did Hitler become Chancellor in January 1933?
    • Weaknesses of the Weimar Government and Proportional Representation,
      • Proportional Representation made it difficult for one party to get a majority-Governments usually formed weak coalitions who had different ideas,
      • Between 1919-32, Germany had 21 different Governments
      • It was difficult to pas laws in the Reichstag as the Gov. was weak so the powers was used by the President,
      • In 1930, three times as many laws were passed by the President than by the Reichstag,
    • Popular Policies
      • Tear up the T of V appealed to many. They wanted revenge for being treated badly,
      • End unemployment-'Work and Bread'-Provide jobs through schemes such as building 'autobahns' and remilitarising- 6 million unemployed so appealing
      • He targeted key groups of voters
        • People in cities- 'Work, freedom, bread' to show Nazi's focussed on the need of industrial workers
        • People in the countryside-'Blood and soil' to show Nazi's believed that the German nation sprang from farmers,


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