How did Hitler become Chancellor?

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  • How did Hitler become Chancellor?
    • July 1932 elections, the Nazis won 230 seats.
    • The Weimar Constitution said that the Chancellor should have the support of most of the Reichstag.
    • Hitler felt he should be Chancellor as he had the majority of support.
    • Hindenburg used Article 48 to appoint von Papen as Chancellor instead of Hitler as he hated him.
    • Von Papen had hardly any support, but Hindenburg thought that he could create a right-wing party containing the DVP, DNVP and the Nazis.
      • When Hitler was offered the coalition, and to be vice-Chancellor he declined.
    • Hindenburg was forced to keep ruling using Article 48 as von Papen had no support.
    • Another election was held in November 1932. Nazis only gained 196 seats.
    • General Schleicher persuaded Hindenburg to let him become Chancellor.
    • Von Papen went to Hitler, and together, drew a secret deal.
      • Hitler would be Chancellor if von Papen could be his vice.
      • They made Germany think Schleicher was preparing a communist takeover.
    • 22nd January 1933, von Papen went to Hindenburg with the idea but he refused.
    • By 28th January it was clear Scheicher had failed.
    • Hitler was made Chancellor on the 30th January 1933.


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