How referendums would not improve democracy

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  • How referendums would NOT improve democracy
    • The executive helps to decide the WORDING and TOPIC of the question.
      • This may have an impact on the voter turnout.
      • The reinforces the great power that the executive holds over the people.
      • Counter argument: The electoral commission also works on the wording, and we elected the executive.
    • Referendums are seen as MINI ELECTIONS.
      • This is cited as tool for dictators.
      • This is because referendums may be used to showcase the support of the leading party.
        • E.g. the AV referendum showed the popularity of the Conservatives and the lack of support for the Lib Dems.
    • Referendums are EXPENSIVE for the tax payer.
      • E.g. It cost £9.3 million for the leaflets in favour for the EU-just the govt side.
      • E.g. the AV referendum costs £7.5 million.
    • Referendums cause VOTER FATIGUE
      • This leads to a lower voter turnout, and that a lot of people will be discontented with the result.


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