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  • how do these policies try to increase parental choice in Education
    • national testing and 'league tables' of exam results, truancy rates give parents more info of what school to send their child to.
    • 'open enrollment' gave parents the right to send their children to the school of their choice (although this is limited in reality by availability of places)
    • how do these policies try to increase competition between schools
      • open enrollment meant that schools had to compete with each other pupils. parents became 'customer'  who 'could' buy education. Before there were catchment areas and was difficult to go to another school.
        • even though catchment areas could be bigger some schools still use them
      • National testing means that every pupil is tested several times throughout his or her career resulting in comparisons of schools and results easier.
      • 'League tables' containing data about SATSs, GCSE results as well as truancy rates have to be published every year this results in easy and clear way to compare difference of schools
    • policies
      • The 1988 Education reform Act
        • introduced national curriculum
        • open enrollment gave parents the right to choose which school their children attended
      • the 1993 Education Act
        • Government could take over the running of failing schools


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