How did the Nazis control Germany?

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  • How did the Nazis control Germany?
    • Coercive Methods (rule by fear)
      • Gestapo (secret police): tapped phones/opened mail, spied, imprisoned without trial, torture, informers esp. children e.g. on parents
      • Police and law courts: under Nazi control, new laws e.g. banning marriage with Jews, severe penalties i.e. death penalty was more common
      • ** (protection squad): originally private bodyguards now most important armed group in Germany
        • Security: can arrest anyone
        • Provided elite units in the army
        • Ran concentration and death camps
      • Concentration camps: like large prisons where "enemies of the German state" could be held for any amount of time
        • People sent there: Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, old political opponents and criticisers
        • Inmates were forced to hard work and had to listen to Nazi idea and some were tortured or worked to death
    • Persuasive Methods (propaganda - controlled Joseph Goebbels)
      • Films: all plots were shown to Goebbels before they were made and they had to show the Nazis in a good way and their enemies in a bad way
      • Newspapers: Goebbels told newspapers what they could print - only stories that showed the Nazis doing good things
        • Newspapers that printed things Goebbels hadn't seen were shut down
      • Mass Rallies: held to celebrate Hitler's greatness. Special arenas were built that could hold 1/2 million people and they listened to choirs, bands speeches and watched firework displays and air shows
        • All were to show how impressive the Nazis were
      • Books, theatre and music: writers were forced to write books and plays that praised Hitler and the Nazis
        • Books written by Jews and Communists or anti- Nazi journalists were banned in Berlin in 1933, students burnt 20,000 books in a public bonfire
        • Jazz music was also banned throughout Germany as it originated among the Black people of America
      • Radio: Nazis controlled all stations and put ideas across
        • Cheap radios were produced so more German owned radios than Americans in the 1930s
        • Loudspeakers were placed in streets, factories and cafes


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