How did Churchill become Prime Minister? 10th May 1940

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  • How did Churchill become Prime Minister? 10th May 1940
    • Norway Campaign - 1940
      • Despite its failure Churchill took responsibility and this was seen as brave and confident - a good move
      • Chamberlain was humiliated by the failed Norway Campaign and seen as weak.
      • Unsuccessful army landings
      • Hitler succeeded in taking Denmark and Norway
      • Showed that Parliament needed dynamic leaders
      • This exposed a lot of hostility towards Chamberlain from his own MPs - through a vote about the conduct of the war in Norway
    • Chamberlain and Halifax
      • after failed Norway Campaign Labour refused to serve under him as he appeared weak and unable to lead Britain into war
      • Humiliated by failed policy of appeasement
        • He tried to negotiate with Germany but ultimately failed and war was declared in 1939
        • Munich Agreement - 1938. Chamberlain allowed Hitler to have Czechoslovakia for appeasement; Churchill heavily disgareed as did Czech. A year later they went to war.
      • Had lost the support of backbench MPs
      • Need for a decisive, dynamic leader which Chamberlain was not
      • Increasingly unwell and unable to lead
      • The only other option for  a leader was Lord Halifax but he was unwilling to give up his title for a premiership
    • Churchill as a leader
      • Labour were willing to serve under Churchill and he had a combination of both Conservative and Labour support
      • Had disagreed with failed Munich agreement of 1938
      • Was seen as dynamic and decisive due to his ability to stay strong with his opinions
      • Had been First Lord of the Admiralty during the successful World War 1
      • Seen as a good war leader
      • Took responsibility for Norway campaign - 1940 - which made him appear strong


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