Hour- Carol Ann Duffy

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  • Hour
    • Meaning
      • 'our'- idea of togetherness
      • Beginning of a relationship
      • Carpe diem
        • Link to 'to his coy mistress'
      • Time moves on so make the most of it while you can
      • Love is richer than anything else
    • Language
      • 'Hour'-ambiguous (double meaning)
      • Time semantic field- time and th richness of love and nature
        • natural love
        • unrestrained
      • 'not on flowers or wine'- don't want to be traditional. Not clique.
      • 'love spins gold, gold, gold from straw.'
        • Power of their love can over come tings
        • Repetition- indulgent reveling in the moment
        • Fairy tale love -everlasting (Rumplestiltskin)
        • 'straw'- love can come from anything
          • love can transpire
          • illusionary
          • alchemy
    • Structure
      • Sonnet
        • Subverts sonnet form
        • Written in paragraphs
        • Rhyming couplet at the end
      • Enjambment -focus on last word


Paul Dutton


A detailed resource which looks at language, structure and meaning.

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