Horse whisperer

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  • Horse whisperer
    • Admiration of horses
      • Glorifying them
        • Even the completely average featured
      • "Shimmering muscles"
      • Only refers to owners as "they"
    • Thinks little of people
      • Only refers to owners as "they"
      • Knows he's better thanthem
        • They look to him to calm the horses
      • Took advantage of him as they were ashamed they couldn't do it
    • Modernisation
      • "tractor" changing point
        • Symbol of modern world
      • Replaced by technology- not needed anymore
      • His talent now seen as "witchery"
    • Structure
      • Less lines as it goes on- loss of importance
      • Turning point- stansa 3
      • Structural parrallels- 1st+ 2nd stansa
      • Concentrating on one aspect shows knowledge- develops mental imagige
    • Associated with animals
      • "stampede"
        • Horse-like, people of his trade/ other rejects/ horses
      • Able to control and talk to horses
        • Turns into his downfall


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