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The Horse Whisperer [Andrew Forster]
Structure and Form
1st person narrative
Reader sympathises with the Whisperer b/c of the close and intimate relationship
Perhaps he is whispering to us?
Enjambment e.g. "-no longer" + "-no more"
Places emphasis on the short phrases
Reiterates that his days are numbered
Free verse
Represents the chaos of the narrators situation
Length of stanza's decreases
The Whisperer is fading away + influence is declining
Gives a sense of the speed in which time passes
Something beautiful is being lost
"donor" + "more" gives the curse more prominence
Oxymoronic terms
Used deliberately to create confusion e.g. "Tender giants"
Breaks apart horse's body thus focusing the reader's attention on the importance of the horses
"Glistening veins" + "shimmering muscles" indicates otherworldliness
The Whisperer himself "joins the stampede" which suggests that he himself may be a horse
He represents a metaphor for the unknown; there is a disconnect between himself and society
Assonance e.g. "Searing" + "Steady"
Builds momentum and climaxes in the repeated word "pride"
Reinforces the urgency of the situation, "shouted"
Contrast with the quiet, assured nature of the Whisperer
"Pride" stresses the importance of the word to the narrator; foreshadows later payback
"Tractors" yet "pitchfork" imagery creates confusion as well as lack of confidence with the new and
traditional techniques.
The references to witchcraft and rituals intimately reconnect the reader to an alien world.
The act of horse whispering is actually an act of resistance.
"Traced circles in the earth" reveals his longing for simpler, more enriching times.

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Loss of a person's role; the change hasn't been entirely beneficial
Loss of humanity's link to nature
Difference; his work with the horses is unconventional which makes him more susceptible to
society's absurd claims of witchcraft
Revenge for betrayal
Focus on physicality
Checking out Me History
Power imbalance
Offer an alternative view of history; Whisperer shows a negative one, whereas the narrator in
Checking out Me History conveys a partially positive one.…read more


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