Nerves and Hormones

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  • Hormones and Nerves
    • Hormones are chemical messengers produced in the glands which travel in the blood to activate target cells.
      • Hormones have long lasting effects on the body.
      • Hormones travel at the speed of blood which is much slower than nerve impulses.
      • They travel all over the body but only affect particular cells in particular places.
    • Neurones transmit information as electrical impulses around the body.
      • The electrical impulse is passed along the axon of a cell.
      • The myelin sheath along the axon acts as an electrical insulator which stops the impulse getting lost. It also speeds up the reaction.
      • The nerve impulse is transmitted by neurotransmitters which diffuse across the synapse.
      • Nerve impulses act for a very short time on a very price area.


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