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  • Homeostasis
  • Physiological responses - cooling down
    • Sweating - heat absorbed from blood and evaporates into surroundings.
      • Panting - water vapour from lungs absorbs heat and evaporates into atmosphere
        • Light skin/fur
          • Decrease heart rate
            • Vasodilation - arterioles near skin surface dilate, more blood flowing, more blood flows through capillary network close to skin surface, more heat lost to surroundings.
  • Physiological responses - warming up
    • Shivering - exothermic metabolic reaction
      • Vaso-constriction - arterioles near skin surface constrict, less blood flows through capillary network close to skin surface, less heat lost to surroundings.
  • Behavioural responses - warming up
    • Lying on warm rocks/sand
      • Running
        • Vibrating wings
          • Basking
            • Climbing trees
  • Questions
    • Is hibernation and aestivation behavioural or physiological?
      • Is inflation / deflation behavioural or physiological?
        • Does hypothalamus instruct pancreas to secrete insulin / glycogen
  • Behavioural responses - cooling down
    • Rolling in mud / water
      • Seeking shade
        • Aestivation - sleeping throughout the day
          • Making burrows to avoid sun
  • Regulating blood sugar
    • When blood sugar levels are low, pancreas secretes glucagon.
      • Glucagon instructs liver to convert glycogen into glucose.
        • When blood sugar levels are high, pancreas secretes insulin.
          • Insulin instructs liver to convert glucose into glycogen.
  • Ectotherms - rely on surroundings to maintain body temperature
  • Endotherms - rely on metabolic reactions to maintain optimum body temperature


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