Hitlers posse

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  • Hitler's Posse
    • Joseph Goebbels
      • Minister of Propaganda
      • used murder of Ernst Von Rath as excuse for campaign of terror against Jews
    • Reinhard Heydrich
      • director of Reich Central Office for Jewish Emigration
    • Einsatz-gruppen
      • responsible for rounding up and killing Jews
    • Hermann Goring
      • signed order to exterminate Jews in death camps
    • Anton Drexler
      • the founder of the German workers party - later called the Nazi party
    • Ernst Rohm
      • leader of SA
        • SA
          • Hitler's personal bodyguards
          • disrupted opponents meetings
      • later found out to be homosexual
      • was believed to be starting a revolution against Hitler
    • Gustav Stresemann
      • leader of the Foreign Secretary
      • introduced Dawes and Youngs plan
    • Heinrich Himmler
      • leader of **
        • **
          • swore oath of allegiance to Hitler
          • got rid of SA





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