Hitler Comes to Power

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  • Hitler Comes to Power
    • Changing the Law
      • The Nazis won 288 seats but no majority
        • Communists won 81
          • Hitler declared the Communist Party illegal
            • Gave him enough support in parliament to bring in an Enabling Bill March 1933
              • Allowed him to govern for four years without parliament and made all other parties illegal
    • The Night of the Long Knives
      • Goals
        • Eradicate biggest threat to Hitler: Ernst Röhm, controlled SA
      • Events
        • 29th-30th June 1934 Hitler sent men to arrest Röhm and others
          • Several hundred killed
            • Including Röhm, Strasser and Von Schleicher
              • All potential opposition stamped out
      • Hindenburg died a month later
        • Hitler combined posts of Chancellor and President
          • Made himself commander-in-chief of army
          • Became Der Führer
          • Start of dictatorship
    • New, Strong, Leadership
      • Germany re-organised into a number of provinces
        • Each province a Gau, with a Gauleiter (loyal Nazi) in control
      • Reichsleiters advised Hitler
        • Goebbels in charge of propaganda
        • Himmler chief of German Police
      • Führer, Hitler, in absolute control
      • Every aspect of life carefully controlled and only loyal nazis sucessful


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