Munich Putsch - An Overview

Munich Putsch - An Overview

This is some informaion on the Munich Putsch 

Some of this information was from the BBC website if i remember correctly

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Munich Putsch
- November 1923
- Hitler tried to take advantage of the crisis involving the Weimar Government
- Perfect Opportunity
o Poor Planning
o Misjudgement
Imprisonment of Adolf Hitler
- Nazis were originally a TERRORIST group. Hilter gathered many unemployed
young men and former soilders, known as the SA (Storm Troopers) which
attacked other political groups.
- Hitler hoped to take power by starting a REVOLUTION
- Hitler plotted with Kahr and Lossow to take over Munich
- Hitler collected his storm troopers and told them to rebel
- This was an impossible situation, HITLER WAS READY
- 8th November 1923 ­ Hitler storms into the beer hall were Kahr and Losslow
were holding a meeting
- Hitler waves a gun in their face and gets them to agree.
- SA took over the ARMY HEADQUARTERS and the offices of the LOCAL
- 9th November 1923 ­ Hiter and his Nazis go into Munich what they thought
would be a triumphal march to power
- Kahr had called in POLICE and ARMY REINFORCEMENTS
- Police killed 16 Nazis
- Hitler Fled, But Arrested 2 days later
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Munich Putsch
Why did Hitler attempt the Munich Putsch in 1923?
- By 1923, the Nazi party had 55,000 members and was stronger than ever before.
- The Weimar Republic was in crisis and about to collapse.
- In September 1923, the Weimar government had called off the general strike,
and every German nationalist was furious with the government.
- Hitler thought he would be helped by important nationalist politicians in
Bavaria.…read more


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