Hitler and the "undesirables"

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  • Hitler and the "undesirables"
    • Aryans (master race of Germans: pure genetic race)
      • Superior
      • Ideally: tall, strong, blonde, blue eyed, white
      • Hitler feared they would mix with the "inferior" groups
        • 1934: Jews = 1% of population
        • 1941: nearly 80% of Jews left for news lives in other countries
          • From 1941 Hitler stopped letting Jews leave the country as he began his final solution
    • Laws against Jews 1933-1939
      • 1933: All Jewish lawyers, judges and teachers sacked and "Race Studies" introduced in schools
      • 1934: All Jewish shops marked with the yellow star of David symbol and soldiers stood outside turning people away
      • 1935-6: Nuremberg Laws - Jews couldn't vote, non-Jews couldn't marry Jews and Jews couldn't own electrical equipment
      • 1938: All Jewish doctors sacked and Jewish children banned from German schools
        • No-Jewish children could not play with Jewish children
      • 1939: Jews can be evicted from their home without reason and were not allowed out of their homes between 8pm and 6am
    • The "undesirables"
      • Tramps, beggars and alcoholics: couldn't/refused to work so added nothing to Hitler's nation
        • Many were worked to death and were sent to camps in 1933
      • Prostitutes, homosexuals and problem families: ideal Germans were married, had lots of children and created a secure and loving home
        • These people did not so were sent to concentration camps
      • Religious groups and pacifists: were sent to camps as pacifists refused to join the army and religious groups refused total loyalty to anyone but God
        • Hitler wanted Germans to be totally loyal to him
      • Physically and mentally disabled people: about 350,000 disabled men and women were forcibly sterilised by the Nazis
        • They didn't fit into Hitler's image of a strong race so he wanted to stop them from passing on "deformities"
        • From 1939, the Nazis began to kill them. 200,000 were murdered as they weakened the nation


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