History -1934

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  • History -1934
    • Night of the long knives
      • What happened:Hitler could not afford to annoy the buissnessman or the army so the ** created a server as as a personal body protector of Adolf Hitler.
      • June 30th 1934
      • Cause:Some of the SA leaders were demanding the Nazi partycarry out its socialist agenda and that the SA take over the army.
      • Effects:
        • The SA were out of power
        • threats made to the nazi party.
    • New Plan
      • What happened: From 1933-1934 Dr.Hjalmar wasmade president of Germany he was the second highest.he was an amazing finacial expert so he devised what he called the 'The New Plan'.
      • March 1934
      • Cause: Doctor Hjalmar was made president march 1933-1934 he was finance expert as they needed help to pay debt.
      • Effects:
        • unemployment reduced
        • Germany was short of raw materials
        • Germany could not afford to pay for imports
      • Did the plan work: The plan worked till 1935.As Hitler wanteed to re-earn for war but it was concidered impossible so he was ended up being replace by 'Hermann Goering'


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