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Earth Structure
Helena Bonici and Ryan Sargent
BABY BACON cooked by the
earth's core…read more

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The structure of the Earth
Inner core, outer core, mantle, asthenosphere, lithosphere, hot spots…read more

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Earth Structure
Inner core ­ solid Ni & Fe @
Outer core ­ liquid Ni & Fe
@ ~5500oC
Mantle ­ semi-molten rock,
2900km thick
Asthenosphere ­ `plasticy'
molten rock, 100-200km thick
Lithosphere ­ outer crust
layer, 60-100km thick…read more

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Hot Spots
· Or a Hot Plume.
· An area generating hot
· It remains stationary.
· An example is Hawai'i or
Yellowstone.…read more

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Plate Movement
Convection currents, slab pull, ridge push…read more

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Convection Currents
· These exist in the mantle.
· The core heats the rocks
closest to it.
· These rocks then rise and
begin to cool.
· It then begins to fall as it
gets too cold.
· A cell is created.…read more

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