Historical Events Which Took Place During the Holy Month of Ramadan

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  • Historical Events Which Took Place During the Holy Month of Ramadan
    • Victory  Declared From the Battle of Badr
      • The victory of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH was declared during Ramadan
      • It took place  on the 17th of Ramadan.
      • It happened  2 years after Hijrah
        • This is the migration or journey that the Prophet Muhammad took from Mecca to Medina
      • The Battle of Badr was fought on Saudi Arabia
      • It was a nnkey battle in the early days of Islam and a turning point in Prophet Muhammad'sPBUH struggle with his opponents among the Quraysh in Mecca.
      • The Battle has been passed downin Islamic history as a significant
      • Although it is one of the few battles specifically mentioned in the Quran, nearly all modern knowledge of the Battle of Badr comes from traditional Islamic accounts, both hadiths and biographies of the Prophet PBUH written decades after the battle.
    • Mecca is Conquered
      • Mecca was conquered on the 8th of Ramadan
      • This is another crucial event which took place in the history of Islam as it marked the end of all "Shirk" in the Arabian Peninsula and the purification of the Kabah from the idols also occurred.
      • Over 360 idols around the Kabah were destroyed by the prophet PBUH and his companions.
      • On the 25th of Ramadan that year, the "UZZA" idol, the greatest idol which the Arabs had ever known, was destroyed by the hands of Khalid Ibn-al-Waleed.
      • Following that, the "LAAT" idol of Thaqeef was destroyed by the hands of Abu Sufyan, Khalid andn al- Mughirah. Not long before that, the men had been fighting to protect those idols as they used to worship them, but now everything had changed.
    • Death of Khadijah
      • The beloved wife of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH died on the 10th of Ramadan and is said to be around 65 years old around the time.
      • Khadija was the very first woman in the whole world to declare that God was One, and Muhammad PBUH was His Messenger to all mankind.
      • The honour glory of being the First Believer in the whole world is hers to all eternity.
      • She had sacrificed her comfort, her health and her home for Islam; and now it would appear she sacrificed her life also.
    • Victorious From Tabook
      • In the Ramadan of the year 9AH, the Prophet PBUH returned victorious from Tabook after he regained control of the area and let the Romans and Persians know that there was a new young nation in Arabia that would only grow and nit be intimidated.
      • Also, the tribe of Thaqqef came around 20 yeas of hatred and rejection of Islam and rejection of Islam and accepted the faith.
      • The kings of Himyar in Yemen came around to the Prophet PBUH to declare that the time of change had come, and they embraced him.
    • Victory in Al Buvaib
      • During the year 13 AH in Ramadan, Al-Muthanna Ibn Harithah and his army won the most important battle for Muslims in Iraq known as Al-Buwaib, and it was the gateway to opening the land of Iraq as well as the downfall of the Persian Empire.
      • Sudan and the south of Egypt had become Muslim lands of freedom and justice after the Muslims' army led by Abdullah Ibn Abi As-Sarh arrived there in the Ramadan of the year of 31 AH.
      • From this battle, the Arab Muslims gained a large amount of pickings, including the farmed jewel-encrusted royal standard.
      • The jewel was cut up and sold in pieces in Medina. The Arab fighters became known as "Ahl al- Qadisiyyah," and held the highest respect of the later Arab settlers within Iraq and its important garrison town, Kufa.
    • The Beginning of Revelation of Quran to Prophet
      • The first revelation came down to Muhammad PBUH when he was 40 years old and was on of his usual departures in the cave of Hira in the hills outside Mecca.
      • It was one if the odd nights during the last ten days of the month Ramadan.
      • According to the reports recorded in the reliable Hadith literature, and angelic presence appeared before the confused Muhammad BPUH and said to him "Iqra" (read or recite). Muhammad PBUH replied that he could not recite or did not know what to recite.
      • After the instruction were repeated two more times, Prophet Muhammad PBUH reports that he angelic presence held him and squeezed him so tightly that he felt that his breathe was leaving his body.
      • The angelic presence then instructed him to recite with him the words that are now recorded as the first 5 Ayahs of the 96th Surah Al-Alaq, (The  Clot) of the Quran.


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