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  • Hinduism
    • There is one supreme spirit called Brahman.
      • Represented in 3 main deities called The Trimurti; Brahama, Vishnu and Shiva.
        • Brahama is the creator of the universe. he has four heads to see over all, he is responsible for the four vedas. he carrys a bowl or jug of water which symbolizes his role as creator. he is also sometimes seen carrying a lotus flower which is a symbol of purity.
        • Vishnu is the preserver. he has blue skin because they believe that  he comes from the sky. also he has 3 vertical lines on his forehead to symbolize that he is a member of the Trimurti. his magic weapons are a mace and a discus.
        • Shiva is the destroyer and he also reproduces. Shiva normally sits on a tiger skin to show he is brave and can overcome his enemys.Shiva has a cobra around his neck to show his reluctancy to fear.
    • Other deities: Hanuman-has a face of a monkey. Consort of Brahama-Saraswati. Consort of Vishnu-Rama, Krishna and Lakshmi-deity of happiness, wealth and good fortune normally shown sitting on a lotus flower. consort of Shiva- Pavarti-wife of Shiva, Shakti, Durgo, Ganesh - Son of Shiva and Pavarti, has an elephant head. Kali-A fierce and powerful form of Pavarti.
    • Reincarnation is when you die and you are reborn into something else.
    • Samsara refers to the way in which the atman travels from body to body (the cycle).
    • Karma
      • You get good Karma when you do good actions in your life.
      • You get bad Karma when you do bad actions in you life.
      • If you get lots of good Karma you will be reborn into something higher, if you get lots of bad karma you will be reborn into something lesser e.g. a plant.
    • The Mandir is where hindus worship.
    • The Puja tray
      • A bell is rung at the beginning of puja to let the deity know that worship is about to start.
      • A pot containing holy water. it is used for cleansing
      • A dish containing sandalwood paste.
      • Insence sticks are lit during puja to put the worshipers in a calm farme of mind.
    • The Puja tray
      • Food and flowers are held in a dish to offer to their deity.
      • Worshipers wave there hand over a lightened lamp which is fuelled by ghee or clarified butter, it is then waved over there forehead to make god fell closer to them.


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