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  • Hinduism
    • diwali is the festival of light.
    • diwali celebrates Raman & sita.
    • There is only one god but it is in many forms.
    • The religion is over 4000 years old.
    • Every living thing is loved and created by god.
    • Hindus worship in a mandir.
    • Braman is there only god but he is in many different forms.
      • Power
      • Female and male.
      • He is everywhere.
      • He is the creator of all worlds.
    • Ganesh is the god of knowledge.
      • He is Shivas son.
      • He has a head of an elephant.
    • Shiva is worshiped by 25% of Hindus.
      • Shiva is the lord of the dance.
      • he has four hands.
    • Vishnu  has come to earth ten times.
      • He came as Kirshna and Rama.
      • He fought various evil gods.
      • He only comes when earth is in danger.
    • "Aum" is the symbol of the gods.
    • Different gods help you in different ways.
    • When Shiva is dancing it represents great power.
    • The Mandir.
      • There is a bell used to alert the gods of your presence.
      • Different parts of the mandir
        • Haveny,Lotus flower,Gurus,swastika.
    • The Puja tray.
      • image of the god you are worshiping
      • Kum kum powder
      • water
      • light
      • Untitled
    • Raksha Bandhan
    • Hindus a vegan because they want to look after what they were given.
    • Gandhi used a peaceful protest.
    • Holy books say what a person should and shouldn't do.


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