Hindu Beliefs: Brahman

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  • Hindu Beliefs: Brahman
    • Saguna
      • Brahman shown in form only
    • Nirguna
      • Brahman shown in spiritual presence only
        • The idea that he is a 'divine consdciousness' with no form or shape
    • Bhagavan
      • All the different deities are different aspects of him
        • ie. Brahma is the creator aspect of Brahman
      • Brahman existing in a world of spirits and deities (vaikuntha)
    • Antaryami
      • Meaning 'inside all'
        • "He is within all, and he is outside all" - Isa Upanishad
      • The idea that Brahman is in the heart of all living things
        • "In truth Brahman is all" - Mundaka Upanishad
    • Atman
      • The soul
      • Believed to be the part of God (Brahman) inside you
    • Parable of the blind men and the elephant
      • Tells us that Brahman can be understood in different ways
        • Suggests that there are many paths to the truth about Brahman
    • Hindus believe that he is 'ultimate reality' and beyond human understanding
    • The Divine
      • Omnipotent
      • Creative
      • Omniscient
      • Mae
      • Female
      • Mother
      • Father
      • Creatir
      • Judge
      • Friend


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