Hervieu Leger: Spiritual shopping

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  • Hervieu-leger: Spiritual shopping
    • Supports the theme of personal choice and believing without belonging.
    • There has been "cultural amnesia."
      • Definition: A loss of collective memory.
      • People have lost the religion that used to be handed down from one generation to the next through family and church.
    • Greater equality has undermined the traditional church's power to impose religion from above, so young people no longer inherit a fixed identity.
    • While traditional, institutional, religion has declined, religion continues through individual consumerism.
      • People have become "spiritual shoppers."
      • Religion is now "individualised," (We now have developed 'do it yourself,' beliefs."
    • Two types of new religious movements are occuring
      • Pilgrims: Follow an individual path in search of "Self discovery."
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      • Coverts: Join religious groups that offer a strong sense of belonging which re-creates a sense of community.
        • e.g. evangelical movements and ethnic minority churches.


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