Henry VIII- Context

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  • Henry VIII Context
    • Differences with Henry VII
      • he executed and killed rather than forgive
      • ruled in self-interest and image, rather than money and stability like Henry VII
    • Appearance
      • 6"2, the most attractive prince in Europe, red hair
      • resembled Edward IV more than father
      • broad, muscular, powerful gained weight after jousting accident
    • Interests
      • hunting, wrestling, tennis, jousting
      • music, played lute and harpischord and composed
      • food, horse racing, theology and writing
    • Personality
      • indecisive, put others down to feel powerful , self-interested
      • was pleasant and intelligent, became intolerant and violent
    • Intellectual Abilities
      • polyglot, eg Spanish, Latin, French
      • educated in theology, history and philosophy
      • musical and cultural, enjoyed art
    • Reasons for Religious Change
      • Political- needed to divorce Catherine who couldn't provide heir
      • Religious- believed he was going to be punished for marrying brother's wife (Leviticus)
      • Personal- was in love with Anne Boleyn
    • Catholic and Protestant Differences
      • Catholics reject Sola Scriptura and believe in traditions
      • Protestants believe no human can represent God
      • Protestants believe everyone can interpret bible, not just church
      • Catholics believe in good deeds to get to heaven not just faith (Sola Fide)


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