Henry VII- Perkin Warbeck 1491-1497

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  • Perkin Warbeck
    • Legitimacy
      • Born between 1472-4 making him same age as Richard, Duke of York
      • Brought up in the Netherlands, learnt English and travelled to Ireland at 17
      • Plausible claim as there was no way to disprove. Stronger than Simnel's.
    • Timing
      • Could've been a bigger threat is he arrived in May-June 1497 and exploited tax revolt
      • However he didn't arrive till September so timing wasn't a big issue
    • Support
      • Earl of Kildare was reluctant to help directly but Earl of Desmond help contact European leaders.
      • Charles VIII invited him to France were he was treated like a prince
      • Margaret of Burgundy was visited and she recognised him as her nephew, gave him 300 men
      • Henry's step-uncle Jasper was implicated, trailed and executed which was worrying due to his personal access to Henry
      • Failed to get support in Deal in Kent, gained support from James IV after he left England and eventually retreated there
    • Resources and Military Threat
      • Didn't raise army at first but was getting support and popular which worried Henry
      • Agents from Burgundy infiltrated England
      • in July 1495, Warbeck arrived in Kent and tried to raise support but failed. Those waiting for him were tried and executed.
      • In 1496 he tried to invade England with 1,400 men but failed to gain support and retreated
    • Outcome
      • Threat meant Henry had to raise taxes to fund army leading to rebellion in Cornwall.
      • 15,000 men marched to London making Henry divert troops from North, 1,000 rebels were killed
      • James IV was tiring of support and Warbeck failed to gain support from Ireland
        • Landed in Cornwall in 1497 and got support from 3,000 to 8,000 men but no gentry.
      • Edward Courtenay, Earl of Devon came close to losing Exeter while defending it but didn't
      • Henry wanted to treat Warbeck well as he saw him as a muppet but he tried to escape and was sent to prison
      • became implicated in plot with Warwick and they were both executed


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