Unit 1: Healthy, active lifestyle

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  • Healthy active lifestyle
    • Social benefits
      • Mix with others/make new friends
      • Meet up with current friends
      • Develop cooperation
      • Develop teamwork
      • Work with others
    • Mental benefits
      • Relieve and/or prevent stress
      • Mental challenge (I can do it)
      • Increase self esteem
      • Increase confidence
      • Help the individual feel good
      • contribute to enjoyment in life
      • Aesthetic appreciation
    • Physical benefits
      • Physical challenge
      • Improved health related exercise factors
        • Cardiovascular fitness
        • Strength
        • stamina
  • Key Terms
    • Healthy active lifestyle
      • A life that contributes positively to the physical, social and mental wellbeing, and that includes regular physicl activity
    • Aesthetic appreciation
      • To be able to see the beauty in a performance
    • Coopertaion
      • Working In groups helps to improve teamwork and skills needed in everyday life. You support and encourage team mates.
    • To feel good
      • Exercise can make you feel good as it produces serotonin, the feel good hormone.
    • Increasing fitness
      • Muscles can be strengthened and made more flexible becoming more toned in the process.


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