Health and safety

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  • Health and Safety - Back Problems
    • Symptoms:
      • Stiffness or back pain
      • Stiff Neck, shoulders and ankles
    • Caused: Sitting at a computer for a long perio of time
    • Causes:
      • Use computer for long periods
      • Adpot a bad posture - users should keep their backs straight and not slouch
      • have their seat at an incorrect height
    • Can be avoided by:
      • having an ergonomically designed, adjustabl swvivel chair that supports the lower back and has five point base than four legs
      • Adjusting the chair to the right height and the back of the chair to the riht position to give back support
      • Adjustin the screen to the correct position using the tilt and turn so that the users back is not twisted or bent
      • Placing document holders next to the screen to reduce neck movement that can create back problems
      • Getting up from the computer and taking regular breaks, sa once an hour


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