Health & Clinical

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  • Health & Clinical
    • Healthy Living
      • Methods Of Health Promotion
        • Cowpe: to show that ads can make a valuable contribution to reducing the number of chip pan fire accidents
        • Danneburg: compare legislation against education to see which is more effective in increasing helmet use in child cyclists
        • Janis & Feshbach: test the effects of fear arousal by depicting potential dangers to which the audience might be exposed
      • Theories Of Health Belief
        • Health Belief Model
          • HBM
            • Cost Benefit Analysis
            • Cues To Action
            • Perceived Susceptibility / Seriousness
            • Demographic Variables
            • Becker: use the HBM to test mother's compliance to the medical regime for their children with asthma
          • Becker: use the HBM to test mother's compliance to the medical regime for their children with asthma
          • Rotter: to test if a reward is more effective if a person believes it came as a result of their efforts or chance
        • Bandura & Adams: apply systematic desensitization techniques to change a patient's self efficacy so they come to believe they can cope with a threat.
      • Adherence To medical Regimes
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    • Stress
      • Causes Of Stress
        • Johansson: measure the amount of stress experienced by workers & to look for a causal relationship on work satisfaction & production
        • Holmes & Rahe: life events
        • Geer & Maisel: does lower stress result from being able to predict the occurrence of an unpleasant stimuli or is it related to controlling behaviour itself?
      • Measuring Stress
        • Geer & Maisel: GSR, heart rate monitor
        • Holmes & Rahe: questionnaire, SRRS
        • Johansson: physical; self ratings of mood and alertness, consumption of caffeine & tobacco. Physiological; urine tests & body temps.
      • Managing Stress
        • Meichenbaum: compare a group of anxious students receiving cognitive modification; SIT with a group using desensitization and a control waiting group. COGNITIVE
        • Budzynski: test the effectiveness of bio-feedback techniques in reducing tension headaches. BEHAVIOURAL
        • Waxler-Morrison: look at predictors of survival from cancer including social support from friends & family. SOCIAL
    • Dysfunctional Behaviour
      • Diagnosis Of Dysfunctional Behaviour
        • DSM (IV) / ICD 10
        • Rosenhan & Seligman: statistical frequency, deviation from social norms, failure to function adequately, deviation from ideal mental health
        • Ford & Widiger: assess whether sex bias is prevalent in diagnosis of mental disorders & if this can be minimised by the explicit criteria in the DSM-III manual.
      • Explanations Of Dysfunctional Behaviour
        • Gottesman & Shields: review research on family, twin & adoption studies to test for evidence of a genetic cause.
        • Watson & Rayner: to see if a conditioned fear response can be created in a previously normal child by using classical conditioning.
        • Beck: understand how people with depression think & how their thinking differs from normal people.
      • Treatments For Dysfunctional Behaviour
        • Karp & Frank: compare drug/therapy alone with drug & therapy for depression in women
        • McGrath: treat a girl with noise phobia using systematic desensitisation.
        • Lam: test whether patients with bipolar affective disorder could be helped with CT to prevent relapses.
    • Disorders
      • Characteristic Of Disorders
        • Bipolar
          • Depressed mood, significant weight gain/loss, insomnia/hypersomnia, fatigue, psychomotor agitation.
        • Phobia
          • Excessive fear, persistent fear, anxiety response in the form of panic attack when exposed to the phobic stimulus
        • Schizophrenia
          • Delusions, hallucinations, disorganised sppech
      • Explanations Of Depression
        • Biological: pathways
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      • Treatments Of Depression
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