AS-PE = health and fitness

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  • Health and Fitness
    • Health = state of complete physical,mental and social wellbeing. Not just the absence of disease.
      • probs w/ defining =  a process of continious adjustment to ever changing demands of an indivi life. Also, if lack ' social'= unhealthy
    • Fitness =  ability to perform daily tasks w/out undue fatigue
      • probs w/ defining = fluctuates & levels can change as defi relates to factors we can change
    • Health related fitness = cardio-respiratory endurance,muscular endurance & strength , static & explosive strength, speed, power , static & dynamic flexibility
    • Skill related fitness = agility, reaction time, coordination, balance
    • Effects of lifestyle on H&F= poor diet- obesity, smoking- (-) efficiency of 02 transport, (-) exercise-heart and mobility probe, alcohol- (-) concentration and less alert and heart damage


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