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Question 1

A Parent and Child are using two badminton rackets and a shuttlecock in their back garden.

A) Discuss the forms of physical activity they are engaged in.

  • They are engaged in play as they are engaged in activities for enjoyment with no other objective.
  • They are engaged in recreation as they are doing something that refreshes and relaxes them after the rigours of day to day life.
  • They are also engaged in leisure as they are engaged in a self-directed and chosen activity.

B) What are they gaining from engaging in this actvity?

  • The parent is getting the chance to be childlike and escape day to day life
  • They are gaining the chance to enjoy themselves
  • They are able to socialise with eachother
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Question 2

Schools are one place in which young people can participate in physical activity.

A) Schools today are being asked to provide at least two hours of PE a week for every pupil and a further three hours of extra-curricular sport. Why is the government asking schools to do this?

  • To improve health and fitness which in turn will reduce NHS costs
  • To make sport a life long activity undertaken which will also benefit society
  • To teach children socialisation skills for later life

B) Adventure activities carry an element of risk. Is it justifiable to includeadventure activities in the school curriculum?

  • The main type of risk included in the school curriculum would be subjective risk which is dependable on the skill level and the nature of the activity. The skill level would be high as there would be a teacher leading the activity
  • It allows children to improve team work and leadership skills
  • It allows appreciation of the natural environment
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Question 3

Many people take part in physical recreation as a form of leisure activity

A) Define the term leisure

Leisure is time in which you have no obligation to work or family and are free to engage in self-directed of chosen activities

B) What do you understand by the term physical recreation?

Physical reacreation is being physical in time you have no obligation to work or family and are free to engage in self-directed or chosen activities.

It includes benefits to the individual such as:

  • allows time to refresh the mind or body
  • allows time to be creative
  • allows time for self-fulfilment
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Question 4

Many people engage in sport both at school and at club level.

A) Discuss the similarities and differences in characteristics and objectives between school and club sports

  • Both select and apply tactics
  • Both allow the acquiring and developing of skills
  • Sport in clubs is motivated by intrinsic and extrinsic factors where as sport in school isn't
  • Sport in school is compulsary and sport at a club isn't

B) Explain why outdoor recreational activities, such as cycling and rambling, are considered lifetime sports compared with many team sports today?

Sports such as cycling can be done throughout someones whole life which ever age they are in their normal form. However, team games become too vigorous at a certain age to engage in.

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