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  • Health
    • Diet and Metabolic Rate
      • Balanced diet
        • Carbohydrates
          • Release energy
            • Fats
              • Keep warm
        • Fats
          • Keep warm
        • Protein
          • Growth, cell repair and cell replacement
        • Fibre
          • Keep things moving in the digestive system
        • Vitamins
          • Keep skin, blood and bones healthy
            • Mineral ions
        • Mineral ions
        • Water
          • To ensure cells are looked aftr and working
      • Varying Energy needs, because of who you are...
        • Need energy for chemical reactions
          • Metabolism - someone's metabolic rate
        • People's resting metabolic rate is different
          • E.g. muscle needs more enrgy than fatty tissue
            • Therefore people with more muscle have as higher metabolic rate
          • Bigger people need a higher metabolic rate than smaller people
            • Because there are more cells needing energy
          • Men have a higher metabolic rate than women usually
            • Men are generally slightly bigger and typically have more muscle
          • Regular excersise boosts metabolism because it builds muscle
      • Varying energy needs, because of what you do...
        • Need more energy when exercising
          • Metabolic rate goes up and stays up for a while
        • People with active jobs need more energy
        • Activity levels affect how much food you should eat for energy
          • Little excersise = less fatty foods and carbohydrates
    • Factors Affecting Health
      • ------------------> LOST ALL OF THIS IT IS IN A WORD DOCUMENT   ------------------>
    • Evaluating, Food, Lifestyle and Diet
      • Evaluating information on Food
        • More energy / calories leads to obesity
        • More saturated fat leads to higher cholestorol levels
        • Calcium is an important mineral
        • More sodium (salt) leads to high blood pressure
      • Evaluating information on lifestyle
        • Lifestyle includes what you eat and do
        • If aperson eats lots of carbohydrates and doesn't exercise they will be obese


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