He Went for a Soldier - Ruth Comfort Mitchell

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  • He went for a Soldier - Ruth Comfort Mitchell
    • AO1 - Points and Quotes
      • "billy the Soldier boy"
        • Lured into thinking that war is honourable and full of reward
      • "hell called war"
        • Realistic interpretation of war - war is dangerous and scary
    • AO2 - Structure and Language
      • Imagery
        • Strong and Dark - shows the consequences of war and how it is dangerous and scary
        • Animalistic - shows that was is unnatural
          • "the pain-crazed animals a-shreiking there"
        • Nature Imagery
          • "a sickening sun grins down on him"
      • Haunting tone
        • Structured like a nusery rhyme to emphasise naivety and innocence of the young men signing up to fight
      • Volta
        • Stanza three switches from jolly patriotic tone to realities of war
    • AO3 - Context
      • Mitchell's hatred for war was voiced before America joined the war
      • American
      • Wasn't published due to censorship
    • AO4 - Links
      • The Three Lads - Same juxtaposition between patriotism and the realities of war
      • Joining the Colours - contrast, smae jolly tone but is doing exactly what Mitchell warns about
      • Joining the Colours - Shows Juxtaposition of signing up and realities.
    • AO5 - Alternative interpretations
      • Criticism of people's views of the war


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