Has the British prime minister become presidential?

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  • Has the British Prime Minister become 'presidential'?
    • NO
      • The prime minister is not the head of state and the lack of a personal mandate through direct election is a key difference.
      • The British Constitution makes no provision for a presidential-style leader and Parliament remains sovereign.
      • The 'power' of a prime minister is largely down to political and personal circumstances - while Blair may have seemed 'presidential', Brown most certainly did not.
    • YES
      • The prerogative foreign policy powers of a prime minister are similar to the constitutional powers of the US president as commander-in-chief.
      • The developmentof a dedicated prime ministerial department, the strengthening of the Cabinet Office and the wider use of special advisers (SpAds) give the appearance of a presidential-style West Wing or personal bureaucracy.
      • The intense media focus upon the personality and character of the prime minister promotes the post-holder as an individual rather than a party leader.


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