Handel: And the Glor of the Lord from the Oratorio Messiah

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  • Handel: And the Glory of the Lord from the Oratorio Messiah
    • Structure
      • starts with a Ritornello (orchestral introduction)
      • through-composed presentation of 4 melodic ideas
      • no set form to the movement
    • 1741
    • originally performed in london concert halls and theatres  by small orchestra and choir, BUT NOW performed by much larger forces
    • Melody
      • Based on 4 main melodic ideas
      • ''and the glory of the lord''
        • syllabic
      • ''shall be revealed''
        • melismatic, descending in sequences
      • ''and all flesh shall see it together''
        • repetitive and syllabic with some melisma on 'flesh'
      • ''for the mouth of the lord hath spoken it''
        • built with long repeated notes that act like a pedal to the rest of the harmonies
    • Tonality and Harmony
      • A major (modulations to the dominant E major and the supertonic B major)
      • Simple and diatonic harmony
      • plagal cadence at the end in A major
    • Texture
      • alternates between homophonic (hath spoken it) and contrapuntal (shall be revealed)
      • short monophonic passage
      • imitation in the vocal and instrumental parts
      • instrumental parts double the voices
    • Instruments and voices
      • written for full choir (SATB)
      • choir accompanied by
        • typical baroque string orchestra
          • violins
          • violas
          • cellos
          • double basses
        • continuo part
          • cello
          • double bass
          • harpsichord
    • Tempo/ Rhythm
      • constant Allegro throughout
      • end tempo changes to Adagio without ritenuto
        • slower tempo creates dramatic ending
      • 3/4 time signature
      • dotted rhythms (and the glory of the lord)
      • hemiola effect (notes are grouped in 2s instead of 3s) is used before cadences
    • Dynamics
      • predominantly F supporting joyful character of the music


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