Hamlet Characters

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  • Hamlet Characters
    • Hamlet
      • He is introspective, thinking a lot about his actions
      • He seeks the truth so he can be certain that what he does is the right thing
      • He is indecisive and fails to decide what to do throughout
      • He wants to do the right thing and does have ambition to be the next king
      • He has strong religious beliefs
    • Gertrude
      • She married Claudius because she loved him and wanted to be Queen
      • The role of women at this time was to be subservient and it would have been a lonely place for her if she wasn't Queen
      • It is Gertrude's behaviour that destroys Hamlet's faith in the fidelity of women, which he later takes out of Ophelia
    • Claudius
      • On the surface he seems to be a good King capable of dealing with the politic issues of war
      • He has clearly killed King Hamlet to get the throne for himself and gradually his guilt become more obvious to the audience
      • He must love Gertrude to have married her
    • Polonius
      • Seen as foolish by Hamlet and seems to be a rambling old man, but he can be seen as evil and cunning
      • He is loyal to Claudius, acting out his spying plans for him
      • He shows his lack of trust; ironic for someone who is working for a traitor.
    • The Ghost
      • The appearance of the ghost was relevant contextually
      • action comes as a result of what the ghost tells Hamlet
    • Horatio
      • He acts as a sounding board for Hamlet
      • He is loyal, supportive and rational
    • Orphelia
      • An innocent character, her madness is genuine, unlike Hamlet's pretence
      • She is loyal to her father
    • Laertes
      • He is a loyal son and an honourable man
      • Laertes is much more rash than Hamlet


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