Haiti Earthquake LEDC 2010

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  • Haiti LEDC Earthquake 2010
    • Immediate Responses?
      • Haiti appeal set up to raise £107million. SOC/EC
      • The United Nations with the USA now have taken control on relief mission. SOC
    • Long term Responses?
      • New buildings built to modern earthquake proof specifications. EC
      • Support for Haitian farmers and small businesses, encourage people to stay in rural areas. SOC/EC
    • Primary Effects?
      • Estimated death toll exceeded 200'000 and 300'00 seriously injured. SOC
      • 60% government and administrative buildings destoyed and 1.5m people homeless. SOC/EC
    • Secondary Effects?
      • Long term poverty. SOC/EC
      • Landslides. ENVI
      • Loss of wage owners. EC
    • Why?
      • Sits on conservative plate boundary.
      • Occurred at a fault.
      • Build up of pressure as plates move past each other is eventually released as an earthquake.
    • When?
      • Tuesday 12th January 2010.
      • 7.2 richter scale.
      • Epicentre 16 miles West of Port-au-Prince (capital).
      • On North American and Caribbean plate boundary.


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