Plant Growth regulation hormones

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  • Growth regulators
    • Auxins (separate sheet)
    • Cytokinins
      • Promote cell division
      • Over-rise auxins to promote growth in axillary bud growth
      • Delays ageing in leaves - used commercially in lettace
      • Pathogens synthesise cyytokinin to grow Galls
    • Gibberellins
      • work with auxins to promote elongation of stem tissue eg bolting in flowering biennials
      • Break Dormancy after H20 absorbs into seed coat / signal germination
        • Stimulate RNA to synthesise enzimes that convery starch to sugar for germination
        • Effect contered by Absiscic Acid
      • stimulate some fruit enlargement
        • May counter effect of herbicides
    • Abscisic Acid (ABA)
      • Promotes seed dormancy
      • Dormins (ABA derivative) used in nurserys to initiate dormancy for shipping ( reversed by Gibberellins)
      • Promotes ageing in leaves
    • Ethylene (separate sheet)


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