As Chemistry-group 2 elements

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  • Group 2 elements
    • Atomic radius: Atomic radius increases down the group as the number of energy levels increases.
    • Ionisation energies: Ionisation energy is the energy required to remove 1 mole of gaseous atoms and form 1 mole of gaseous ions
    • Melting points: They decrease down the group because the atomic radius increases, so there is less attraction between the electron and the nucleus.
    • Group 2 hydroxides: Solubility increase down the group.
      • Mg(OH)2 used in neutralisation of stomach acid (antacids)
        • Milk of Magnesia
      • Ca(OH)2 used to neutralise soil in farming
      • Ba(OH)2 is the most alkali as it is the most soluble
      • A handy way to remember this is increase means get higher, so (high)droxides
    • Group 2 sulphates: Solubility decreases down the group because there is a lower charge density so there is less attraction to water.
      • BaS04 known as a Barium meal and is used in hospitals during x-rays. It is insoluble, so it does not diffuse into the blood stream and poison the person.


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