Group 2 elements

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  • Group 2-Alkaline Earth Metals
    • Reactions with H20
      • Be does not react with H20
      • Ca, Sr & Ba all react with cold H20 vigourously to  form H2(g) through the bubbles, a ppt is also formed which is the hydroxide
        • The precipitate becomes more soluble down the group, this why you see less precipitate down the group
      • X(s)+2H20(l)->X(OH)2(aq/s) +H2
      • reactivity of the group increases down the group
        • easier to form a positive ion, as less energy is needed and the ionisation energy decreases down the group= less activation energy & quicker reaction
      • Mg reacts in steam to produce white MgO and H2
    • Physical properties
      • Atomic radius increases down the group
        • Ioniisation eneergy decreases down teh group
      • decrease in  electronegativity down the group
      • generally weak melting & boiling points
    • Reactivity
      • When  metals react to form oxides, hydroxides, metal ions are formed
    • Reactions with O2
      • metals burn in O2 to form a simple metal oxide
      • 2X(s)=O2->2XO(s)




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