Unit 1: Governmental Conservation Schemes

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  • Governmental Conservation Schemes
    • Species Recovery Programme - Natural England
      • Aims to conserve particular endangered species
      • Activities include habitat management, captive breeding and release and population monitoring
      • Examples = dormouse, skylark, red squirrel, lady slipper orchid
    • Biodiversity Action Plan - DEFRA
      • Involves nearly 2,000 organisations
      • Established after the Convention on Biological Diversity 1992 signing
      • Three main plans:
        • Species Action Plans (382 species)
        • Habitat Action Plans (28 habitats)
        • Local Action Plans
    • The Environmental Stewardship Scheme - DEFRA
      • Aims
        • Conserve wildlife
        • Maintain and enhance landscape quality and character
        • Protect natural resources
        • Promote public access
      • Provides financial support and rewards to farmers that use environmentally beneficial management
      • Created to combat intensive farming damage that has removed habitats and increased pesticide use
      • Managements that have been awarded money are hedgerow use, wild bird seed dispersal and soil erosion management


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