Government polices: Australia and UK

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  • Governmental policies
    • UK
      • Monarch is head of state and Prime minister is head of parliament
      • Through local government but UK is decentralised to an extent
      • Decentralisation is less evident in government's national curriculum
      • Not directly responsible for sport policy as sport is not a vote catcher
      • UK is capitalist but inclined towards economy which restricts commercial enterprise in return has limited commercialisation of sport
    • Australia
      • Monarch of England is Chief of state Remains part of commonwealth but granted independence in 1901
      • Constitution places local government outside federal justification so is decentralised
      • No nation curriculum as decisions are made on a state level
      • 1976 saw ASC become more central in policies to develop sport
      • Sport is a major vote catcher
      • Adopted a capitalist model of economy which promoted commercialism in sport
    • Professional sport is becoming increasingly commercialised but still controlled but the governing bodies


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