RS Good and Evil

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  • Good + Evil
    • Problem of evil
      • Inconsistant Triad: God cannot be omnibenevolent, omnipotent and omniscient if evil +suffering exists
      • Moral evil- (murder, stealing)
      • Natural evil- (earthquake , stealing)
    • ST. Augustine
      • *God did not create evil- evil is privation of Good e.g Apocrypha- devil fell from heaven
    • Iranaeus
      • *God made evil on purpose to allow us to grow and have free will
    • Free Will Defence
      • Good gave free will so we could make our own decisions, better to freely choose God
      • God has nothing to do with evil- our active choices that make  evil (explains moral evil)
    • Moral guidance
      • 10 C's
        • 1-4= God, good to faith, respect God e.g no other gods
        • 5-10= humans, moral actions, good christian life e.g shall not murder
      • Beautitudes
        • Characteristics of morally good Hu an, key aspects e.g blessed are peacemakers, merciful
      • Parables
        • e.g Good Samaritan- christiansshould love neighbour, mercy, help - shows how to morally behave
    • Suffering
      • CHARITY
        • suffering provides opportunity to do good, prompts human kindness e.g Jesus helped the suffering
        • e.g Jesus on cross, christians can accept pain + offer to God
      • HOPE
        • Belief in future life of no pain, hope for existence after life
        • Hope through prayer God provides healing as response of prayer
      • FAITH
        • Belief that everything happens for purpose, e.g bible says purpose in even the fall of a sparrow  e.g Job suffer as test of faith


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