God as a Creator

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  • God as a Creator
    • Creator
      • God is portrayed in anthropomorphic terms (human like)
      • God is personally involved with the creation
      • His work is intentional and he is fully in charge of his creation
      • Images of God as a 'craftsman' are used in the old testament
    • Creatio Ex Nihilo
      • Creation out of nothing
      • The Genesis story seems to interpret that something may have been there before God 'shaped it'
      • Most believe God brought the world into being from nothing
      • Fits into the Big Bang
      • Modern physics may dispute that something cannot can from nothing
    • Not every Christian are literalists
      • Science suggests the world is 4.5 billion years old - with strong evidence
      • Most accepted scientific account
      • Treat parts of Genesis as mythological
      • Presents the 'fact' that God created ex nihilo and humans are made in his image on purpose
    • Omnipotence
      • Infinite or unlimited power
      • God is not only the earth's creator but also the controller
      • 'See God is exalted in his power, who is a teacher like him?' - Job
    • Omniscience
      • Meaning infinite knowledge
      • Knowledge of the creation of the earth and its functions
      • 'I knew you before you were born' - Matthew
    • Omnipresence
      • Everywhere at once
      • God is seen as sustaining all his creation and being present throughout it all
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