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  • Globular Protein Haemoglobin
    • Fibrous Protein Collagen
      • Rope shaped, tough
      • Form long chains which run parallel to one another
        • Chains linked by cross bridges
          • So form very stable molecules
      • Made up of 3 polypeptide chains, tightly coiled in a strong triple helix
      • Chains are interlocked by covalent bonds
      • Point where one collagen molecule ends and the next begins are spread throughout the fibre rather than all being in the same position along it
        • If all occurred at the same point - major weak point where fibre might break
      • Collagen found in tendons - join muscles to bones
      • Minerals can bind to triple helix to increase its strength
      • Tend to be found in connective tissues e.g. tendons
    • Round
    • Carries out metabolic functions
    • Structure is curled up so hydrophilic side chains face outwards and hydrophilic inwards
    • Makes haemoglobin soluble therefore good for transport in blood
    • a.k.a conjugated protein - has non protein group in it called prosthetic group
    • Each polypeptide chain in haemoglobin molecule contains a haem group
      • Each haem group can associate with one molecule of oxygen
        • So 1 haemoglobin molecule can bind 4 molecules of oxygen
    • Compact and easily soluble so they can be transported in fluid


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