Classification Using DNA and Proteins

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  • Classification Using DNA and Proteins
    • Genome Sequencing
      • DNA base sequence of one organism is compared with another to see how closely related the two organisms are
      • Closely related species will have a higher percentage of similarity in their DNA eg. humans and chimps share around 94%
      • Differences in the DNA base sequence result in a difference in the proteins produce.
    • Comparing Amino Acid Sequence
      • The sequence of amino acids in a protein is coded for by the base sequence in DNA.
      • Related organisms have similar DNA sequences  and so similar amino acids in their proteins.
    • Immunological Comparison
      • Similar proteins will also bind to the same antibodies.
      • Example- If antibodies of a human are added to isolated samples of proteins from other species, any protein similar to the human will be recognized by the antibody


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